Бесплатные навигаторы для андроид оффлайн скачать бесплатно

Бесплатные навигаторы для андроид оффлайн скачать бесплатно


Navfree Free GPS.

Screenshots of the application

What is the application

Travel around the world with NavFree Free GPS. This is a completely free navigator without internet with voice prompts and without any hidden payments.

To navigate the program uses cartographic data obtained by millions of users around the world. Thus, you yourself work on the quality of the cards, bringing edits to an existing service. Feedback with users I. open access To edit the loaded content, this is not the only features of this application on Android. The navigation system works perfectly with the Internet, and without it. A convenient interface makes work with the program as comfortable as possible.

Pros and cons

These points include such items:

  • Daily updated free maps.
  • The ability to make edits through embedded tools.
  • Full voice navigation.
  • Practically instant construction of routes without connecting to the Internet.

The shortcomings of the program are to be launched cards, which is due to the fact that their users themselves are. Also here it is impossible to find the address by simple click on the selected area of \u200b\u200bthe map. Otherwise, this free navigator that can be downloaded in Russian, copes well with responsibilities entrusted to it.


Mapswithme Pro.

Screenshots of the application

What is the application

If you want to have on your smartphone the best offline cards and navigation, then boldly download the Mapswithme Pro program. This app has a record high levels Details of cards and works on all continents of the world.

  1. Mapswithme Pro provides users with detailed autonomous maps of all countries of the world, which can be used in offline mode.
  2. The information base of the application contains more than a million points of interest (POI): restaurants, gas stations and other organizations. To not search every time again, they can be saved in the list of bookmarks.
  3. You can also download created bookmarks from other cards.
  4. In addition, the application can be used as a navigator.

Pros and cons

Mapswithme Pro without exaggeration can be called one of the best offline of 2016 navigators. It has a lot of advantages, the main of which are:

  • Actual and highly detailed maps of all countries of the world.
  • An innovative way to compress cards, as a result of which they occupy a small amount in the memory of the device.
  • Opportunity quick search Points of interest (POI).

There is no significant shortcomings. Unborn minuses include the lack of opportunity to pave the route to public transport.


Maverick Pro GPS.

Screenshots of the application

What is the application

Conveniently used service for tourism, navigation in the city and outside it, working on practical mobile devices Under the OS android.

The program is designed to work with maps on offline mode, which can be previously for Android free download. Geoterg is maintained, with the possibility of recording a track in one press. In the future, they can be viewed in Google Earth and other applications, as well as send e-mail. You can download the navigator and enjoy navigation can be free, but the full features of the program are available only in Pro version.

Pros and cons

The advantages of Maverick Pro GPS are:

  • Ability to convert cards from other formats.
  • Geotreign.
  • On-board computer, which shows speed, height and a lot of other information.

The disadvantages include:

What is the application

Last on our list is a free program for offline navigation with some unique features.

The downloaded OSMAND navigator to your device is not only a car, but also pedestrian, as well as bicycle navigation on your city.

  1. Detailed areas of terrain with an indication of streets, alleys and intersections are available for almost all countries of the world.
  2. Use the night mode, which is ideal for information perception in the dark.
  3. OSMAND will allow you to freely navigate in an unfamiliar area, allowing you to keep the path traveled in memory of your smartphone.

Pros and cons

The main advantages of Osmand is:

  • High-quality, -Avo, and pedestrian navigation.
  • View stops and route of public transport.
  • Flexible interface configuration.

Unborn minuses need to be attributed to the impossibility of finding the address on the map, tapping on it in contacts. Also sometimes there are problems with the work of voice prompts.


Five-considered offline applications for navigation perfectly copes with their destination, offering users unique features. What kind of Navigator 2016 is the best one to define it is not possible, the entrance is personal preferences. It can only be noted that the most detailed maps is provided by the Mapswithme Pro program.

2GIS - Huge Card Collection different regions Russia, as well as some other countries. All cards B. this application They are distinguished by excellent detailing and quality, the highest relevance, as well as a relatively small size, so that the program does not occupy on a smartphone or tablet

Compass Level - developers of this application harmoniously combined the GPS coordinator and level, and accurate compass. If you are a fan of sports orientation, then download this application. An indispensable will be both for hunters and mushrooms, will help with tourist campaigns. Before started

Yandex Navigator for Android OS is one of the most best decisionswhich will ensure the rapid and safe movement of your vehicle on the roads of Russia and Ukraine. With this application you can quickly and accurately track any road

OSMAND - is a very convenient application to view navigation cards on android database and BlackBerry. Net use to view maps and route application makes this program very convenient. Restaurants, enterprises, hotels, refueling and much more are introduced into the program. Having O.

An application-navigator called Google Maps is a real wand-coronary for anyone who loves to travel or because of circumstances is often forced to move over long distances over unfamiliar area. Thanks to this program for Android OS, you get in

SygicGPSNAVIGATION - an unusual navigator for android systemscapable of working on one side, working autonomously (without online mode), and on the other, having a large number of features that are isolated against the background of a huge number of similar applications. With this application

Copilot Live Premium Europe Full is improved by Alktechnologies developers to support android tablets and smartphones. This navigation program has a large number of varied and interesting functions and opportunities. There are beautiful cards that exactly as possible

Waze is a common navigator application released for Android-based devices. You can independently contribute to the program database expansion, simply including it while traveling or movement in the city. Create O.

Yandex.Maps have long been among the best and detailed maps for the CIS countries. This is the search for the necessary buildings, current data on traffic on urban roads, and just an excellent tool for moving through the urban streets. Today in the program from Yandex there is information about the cities of Russia, Kazakh

Mapswithme Pro is all world maps and her streets in your pocket. Due to its special compression, the data is transmitted as quickly as possible and there is no appearance of gray squares. The map shows snack bars, streets, banks, hotels and everything else that it was possible to come up with. The program features a function

The Android navigator is a specialized application that may consider the address search received, as well as create the best route based on traffic data, available transport, availability of repair work on roads, etc. And it is very easy to install, you can often download a good navigator for free.

Many modern motorists choose the use of the navigator in the form of an application on Android.

However, it is worth considering that good applications that give the motorist maximum comfort, have such functions as:

  • ability to download and use any additional cards. For example, on travels abroad will have to use the navigator for android without the Internet, so all maps must be saved in advance. It is worth downloading the navigator only if it can be additionally equipped.
  • the routes compiled by the application must be competent, shortest, there must be several options. The time for which the route is created must be small, like the time for which it works free download navigator from the network.
  • maps should be downloaded each separately, better if they are in 3-d mode and can be increased. By downloading the navigator for free, it is worth checking the quality of the cards in it.
  • the application must have useful additional functions: constant updates of traffic data, warnings about the roads on the roads, the user's product with a variety of additional data.

Mobile devices with access to the World Wide Network greatly facilitate the lives of people who prefer to travel away from civilization. However, going on the road, you can not always be sure that all throughout your path will be a steady connection with the Internet.

Fortunately, there are many GPS-navigators for Android capable of working without internet. After downloading one of these programs to my gadget, you can choose the most secure route and do not get lost among unfamiliar streets and highways.

For some time ago, it was difficult to attribute to the category of the best navigation applications. But thanks to numerous improvements and free updates, it has become one of the most reliable and convenient android programs.

After you downloaded MapFactor on your device, every need for Internet connection completely disappears. You will have only once a month to update the application to include new objects in it.

The speech navigation system is integrated in various languages, there is also the possibility of pre-developing the route. By switching modes can be seen in the 2D and 3D planes both detailed and simplified cards.

When traveling on long-distance trails, it is more convenient to use simplified schemes, as it is only necessary to monitor the direction of movement. In the settlements it is more expedient to switch to detailed maps, on which filling stations, cafes, restaurants, parks and other landmarks are indicated.


Sygic ─ one of the most popular applications in different countries. However, during its long-term use, it turned out that the information issued is not distinguished by absolute validity. It is possible that some regions of our planet have stopped supported.

Despite minor failures, Sygic remains one of the undisputed leaders among mobile offline navigators. Here is a fairly good interface, not tiring eyes and convenient for your fingers. The application can only work with GPS, which makes it possible to eliminate the need to constantly connect to the Internet. Free updates Bases and market maps are available in most countries.

In general, Sygic can be considered an excellent choice for those who spend a lot of time on the road. Even if you do not use navigation, locally saved cards will be a good help on the way. For more functions, such as voice support and detailed instructions, you need to purchase a premium version.

The application has not yet been widespread, although, undoubtedly, it deserves. We tested Osmand a few years ago, and it worked quite decently both online and offline modes. Its performance, especially when local use, relatively slow, but the interface is one of the best among other similar programs.

It would be logical to expect that the download speed of the cards will be below online navigation, but everything is exactly the opposite. The main functions are implemented on enough good level. That's just a synthesized mechanical voice unpleasantly cuts the hearing.


When the Navmii application has become available for download, it has great hopes for it thanks beautiful design Combined with a set of useful options. It has already passed quite a long time, but the functionality did not expand on the iota.

Of course, the navigator works well (if he wants himself), but the expectations of something unusual, to put it mildly, were not justified. This is a classic case of unrealized potential. When testing on smartphone Galaxy S3 for incomprehensible reasons was noted by an unstable GPS connection.

It would be possible to assume that NavFree is incompatible with Samsung gadgets, but many people using it on the devices of this brand respond to it very positive. In general, if Navmii works as it should, then there are usually no complaints. Great voice assistant, clear instructions, detailed maps - everything is regularly updated and maintained up to date.

Google Maps.

Continuously improving for ten years, Google Maps has acquired a solid set of functions. Therefore, many quite satisfied this application installed on the default Android platform.

Along with the option to identify multiple route options and live traffic updates, you will receive full information about the intersected area and find out other necessary nuances that can offer self-respecting navigation application.

However, when using it offline, you need to preload the part of the card that you will need on the way. If this is not done in advance, then to lay the route will have to connect to the Internet. Most recently, several new features appeared, for example, the ability to upload a large number of cards and store them on an external SD disk. You can also enable the mode in which online access is carried out only by network Wi-Fi.

If you are not driving, Google Maps will offer optimal option A hiking or cycling route will tell you how to get to the destination by public transport, reports the addresses of local taxis parks.

Why do you need navigators?

To get off the way - pleasure is not pleasant, especially when you need to arrive at the desired point to the appointed time. Of course, being in a similar situation, you can wait for a random passerby or call someone from relatives and acquaintances to clarify the direction of movement. But it's much easier to take your smartphone.

The absence of an Internet connection is one of the annoying circumstances with which they have to face adventurers. In any country there are areas of terrain not covered by cellular networks. In such conditions, the online application for navigation becomes completely useless.

It is worth noting that during testing it was not possible to detect this that would give out one hundred percent accurate information. Unfortunately, this drawback affects not only GPS-navigators working offline mode, but also programs that need a permanent connection with the Internet.

To ensure a stable result, it is impossible to rely on the possibility of some one application. Some of them work perfectly on certain, fairly extensive, territories, but show depressing performance in other regions. Before you entrust the offline-navigator a serious route, experience several options to choose the one that is optimally suitable for your needs.

In online market Google Play. Presented many applications for navigating android. Many of them require access to the rapid Internet, which even today is not all users and far from the country. Fortunately, there are so-called "offline navigators". In other words, these are autonomous navigators that do not require active smartphone or tablet. There is both paid options and free.

All that is required for autonomous navigation On Android, this is a special application and a map of the country you need. One of the best - Sygic GPS Navigation, CityGuide, NavFree, Osmand, MapFactor. I tested on the Nexus 7 2013 tablet (Wi-Fi version) only 3 first.

Sygic GPS Navigation

The most popular application of autonomous GPS navigation, which is talking about more than 30 million downloads. To work uses cards high Quality From TomTom. It has a large navigation functionality, has voice support. Maps of a country are installed in the program folder in the MAPS section and updated for free.

Sygic - best navigator Without the Internet for android devices. At least at the time of writing the article.


  • High-quality autonomous maps TomTom and other suppliers.
  • Sound accompaniment of a specified course of movement.
  • Building alternative routes.
  • Optimized graphics for HD displays.

I liked this navigator more than others. I use it now. Of the minuses - when testing, the program stopped several times, but in principle there is nothing fatal in it.


A fairly convenient and high-quality navigator, supported by free OSM cards from OpenStreetMaps, paid Here from Nokia, as well as maps of national manufacturers. Sitigid stands out good quality Work and speed. Perfect for travel or business trips through the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and other CIS countries.


  • Smooth work.
  • A unique algorithm for building routes.
  • Clear and convenient interface.

The name speaks for itself. It is really completely free software that supports magnificent HD cards. Guarantees accurate navigation at any point of the planet. NavFree uses more than 15 million android devices.


  • Detailed HD cards from OpenStreetMap for smartphone and tablet.
  • Quick automatic rebuilding of the route.
  • Complete sound and availability of the "Search" function.

Osmand Appendix, like the other described above, also has all the necessary tools and navigation functions. This is one of best applications On android as a navigator without the Internet. There is a paid I. free versions. Maps of any country can download through the appropriate section in the program menu. Depending on the country, files occupy memory from several tens to hundreds of megabytes.

Osmand and Navfree can be bolded by brothers. They are largely similar to each other and have the right to exist.


  • Search by address and places.
  • Support for working with raster and vector cards.
  • Modes of operation: car, pedestrian, bike.

Pretty popular navigator using 2D and 3D cards from OpenStreetMaps. Suitable for navigating in transport, and for pedestrians, because it has the relevant work modes. If you use it in the car, it is possible to conduct settings under specific modelBy entering the weight of the vehicle, its length, width, height, the load on the axis and other parameters.


  • Easy to use.
  • Navigation in machine mode, truck, pedestrian.
  • Voice support in different languages, including Russian.
  • You can download the memory SD card.

Main features of offline navigator for Android:

  • A large number of accurate cards.
  • On the maps there are T addresses, streets, as well as other publicists (cafes, restaurants), etc.
  • Good card drawing speed and detail.
  • Clear and quick route search.
  • Automatic card update on mobile device Subject to activating this function on the device itself.

GPS Havigation - Mobile application with maps from Maps & GPS Navigation. Lost? Download the program and find out a lot of new things about your favorite places.

How many times each person came across a problem orientation on a little-known area. Tons of free such applications require a permanent connection to the Internet and downloading gigabytes of information. But what to do, if you got lost in an unknown location, and even without the possibility to connect to the Internet? To avoid such incidents, download the GPS navigation program for Android and be always informed.

All cards are available on offline mode. It is especially suitable for users living in remote or little-known countries, the geographical details about which in such applications little. The developers tried to combine all geolocation services in the annex, which improves the accuracy and number of geographic objects on the map. In addition to the cartographic function, the program provides GPS navigation capabilities for both pedestrians and motorists. Speed \u200b\u200bcontrol zones, fixation cameras on the roads, traffic lights and much more will help drivers in the journey. It is possible to pave a route with connecting algorithms for the definition of geolocation.

The program itself will determine the shortest path and inform you about adjustments in motion using voice assistant. The intuitive interface, control is carried out as a tactile method, and using voice commands on a variety of languages. Activation is available as 3D mode and HUD with 2D. Also to facilitate the search for each well-known place are attached photos taken by users and tourists. So you can visually determine the necessary location. GPS navigation, card update, work in offline mode It is free, which makes the Gold program among many similar clones. Download the app, collect a backpack and move on the journey to learn new horizons!