Аркады для андроид на русском языке

Аркады для андроид на русском языке

About music (mp3 files)

Music is not for sale and is distributed as bonus content to game buyers.
Right click on the game name in the Steam app.
Click "Management" and "Browse local files".
Open the folder "Music" or "Soundtrack".

The value of the soundtrack owned by the buyer of this game must be preserved.
Video distributors should not play the music of this game on video.
We recommend replacing it with other music.
Music is composed using commercially licensed sound loops.

Об этой игре

Amazones more than price

"Android Amazones" is a little game for players who want to enjoy TPS shooter easily.
This game can be played in Window mode.
The player becomes the investigator Saya and fights the robots to rescue her sister.


The detective Saya woke up in the middle of the night with the phone.
Amazingly, Amazones robots are attacking the city.
There is her sister in the city. She must go for rescue.
Saya's long day begins now.

Prologue(Neighborhood): Annihilate all the Amazones robots .
Main story(City): Rescue her sister.However, only to rescue her sister may not get to the real ending.
Mini game(The Cave): the cave consisting of a five-level maze
Collection elements: prologue and main story. Six airplane plastic models.

Rescue target

Enemy mothership. Can you find it?

6 plastic models. Can you find everything?

Feature of this game

TPS shooter at an easy-to-play price.
This game can fire the gun while the character is running.
There is a day-night cycle.
Properly meaningful Steam achievements.
If there is a problem at the same level, restore with save and load.
Once you return to the menu, loading will restore her position but the weapon will be reset.
  (It is assumed to win the game without saving)
You need a graphics board on your computer to play this game.
The joystick and controller may operate if you set the key assignment by yourself at startup screen or big picture mode. (Not officially supported)
Player weapons are handguns, shotguns and assault rifles.
We composed all the music.

About Android

Mass-produced robot soldier.
This robot attacks when it finds an enemy, but when it is attacked, it has a high probability of losing sight of the target.

Robot platoon leader.
This robot has a low probability of losing sight of the target.
In addition, it is equipped with powerful weapon.

Method of operation

Move: W, A, S, D

Jump: Space key
Shoot a gun: left mouse click
Reload the gun: R
Zoom camera: right mouse click
Crouch: C
Dash: Shift key
Change weapons: Q, E, mouse wheel
Pause menu: ESC key

Игровой процесс

Игра Peace, Death для Андроид повествует о судьбе Смерти, которой поручено стоять на пропускном контроле в чистилище и определять дальнейшую судьбу умершего человека. Игровой процесс сводится к методичному нажатию по кнопке с соответствующим выбором — ад или рай.

Чтобы верно определить добродетель попавшего на суд персонажа, требуется искать во внешнем виде особенности. Человек с пистолетом в руках — плохой, а милый старичок в шляпе — хороший.

Производятся описанные действия на протяжении семи внутриигровых недель, которые олицетворяют собой стажировочный срок Смерти. После истечения времени выносится вердикт, зависящий от количества верно определенных душ.

Конечной цели у игры нет. После завершения «стажировки» все повторяется снова.